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Christianity and Vegetarianism

by Friar John Dear S.J. 

Video Version of

Christianity and Vegetarianism Lecture

Christianity and Vegetarianism - Friar John Dear SJ

Christianity and Vegetarianism Audio

Christianity and Vegetarianism


Thou shalt not kill.

Do you think that only applies to humans?


That means God and Jesus approve, be perfectly accepting, of people torturing and killing any animal, and as many animals as one chooses.

Your closest friend or relative, your brother or sister.

Even you; can go through a neighborhood and kill every neighbor's dog.

Or slaughter every female cat found.

If the zoo were locked off and a team of people eliminated every animal on its campus, including endangered species, God and Jesus would be perfectly accepting of killing every sentient, sensitive animal on a pure whim.
God would even approve of that action.

Does that sound Christian to you?

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