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ÜberVegan is a Vegan advocacy and social justice organization: advocating, educating,

and motivating becoming and remaining Vegan.

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Meat comes from the cadaver of someone who wanted to live.

Being Vegan embodies non-violence, renouncing oppression of all beings including non-human animals.

For example: birds such as turkeys and chickens.

Pigs, cows and fish commonly used and killed for “food.”

When you get to know them, you recognize animals have feelings and are sensitive individuals.

Just like you, as well as your dog and cat companions.
Being Vegan represents a new moral baseline *rejecting* violence and animal use for pleasure, amusement or convenience.

Being Vegan refutes the pervasive idea that harming sentient beings is “normal.”

The *best* thing you can do, the most positive action that you can make is to become Vegan.

Please take 12 minutes to watch                      , elaborating on the logic and ease of being Vegan.

After you have enjoyed this thought provoking feature, please consider becoming Vegan.

ÜberVegan Advocacy
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